Tuesday, 2 August 2016



We are currently in the midst of writing our final report for the summer, a document which summarizes the primary outcomes of our projects and partnerships for the past three months and outlines their ongoing activities. Writing about our accomplishments this summer has forced us to reflect on the experience as a whole, including the many lessons we have learned along the way. 

Here are some of these lessons compiled from our International Team and Community Consultants:
Although these lessons were shared by Canadian and Tanzanian SIHA members alike, these insights will shape each of us in different ways moving forward. Our most important lesson, however, is that despite the countries and oceans that divide us, we have far more in common than we had previously thought. In this sense, we have never been closer.

Thank you for reading our blog posts. We hope they have been interesting and informative.

Kwaherini (Good-bye!)

SIHA International Team 2016

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