Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tanzania vs Canada Living Conditions

Living Conditions

Evening view from the front porch

Our place of dwelling is a 45-minute walk up the mountain/hillside from the town. There are: three bedrooms, two washrooms/showers, two office spaces, a dining space, a small kitchen, and, a storage space.
Although we sleep under bed nets, I do not see many flying insects in our rooms, period. As of May 21, it is considered the “wet” season. It rains during the early mornings. During the day, the temperature is around 23°C, and at night, around 18°C. The heat is projected to increase for the summer months. The air is humid. The type of air is more comparable to that of Japan versus Canada.

Water runs from the mountaintop through pipes. It is not heated. On our roof, we have a 1000L water tank. For the first several days, we did not have running water, so we used water stored in large barrels
(in the washrooms). People from the global north should sterilize water by at least one of the following: UV (Steripen), Chlorine tablets, or, by boiling the water.

Besides our kettle, and, our electronic devices (laptops/phones), we do not have any other electrical appliances. Laundry is done by hand, and hung outside.


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