Sunday, 17 June 2018

Tanzania vs Canada Transportation

A bodaboda/pikipiki (motorcycle)

Men on bodabodas (motorcycles) can be seen idling on roadsides and, on the edges of the town. These men provide a transportation “taxi” service, where one can sit on the back of a bodaboda and be driven to a destination for a fee. If I took a bodaboda to town, it would cost me around 1,500 Shillings (70 cents in CAD).

Cars (sedans) are also used for transportation services. Some drivers own the vehicles, whereas some work for the vehicle’s owners. Daladalas (busses) run on well travelled paths and in between towns.

In contrast to the image above, many streets do not have street signs. Drivers seem to have a good spatial understanding of where buildings and neighborhoods are situated.


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